Our Competencies

We have proven expertise and are equipped with following skills to support the Clients from the commencement to the successful closure of the transaction.
  • Identifying & analyzing potential investors/targets/suitors
  • Identifying the key decision makers and influencers of the counter-party and estimation of their appetite for the deal
  • Preparing Financial Model that identifies and captures the growth plans, capital structure, profitability and return profile of the company thereby helping realize optimum value
  • Information Memorandums with deep strategic insights about the company and strong emphasis on key investment highlights
  • Undertaking a thorough industry and company analysis to understand the growth drivers & arrive at future cash flows
  • Using Fundamental & Relative valuation methods to arrive at the Equity & Enterprise Valuation
  • Preparing Management Team for meetings & Facilitating the management meetings
  • Enable Non-Binding Term-Sheets, structuring the transaction
  • Negotiating indicative terms between the parties including optimal valuation
  • Enabling Due Diligence & post diligence discussion
  • Binding term sheet evaluation, adhering to all regulations
  • Negotiation of Shareholder and Share purchase agreements
  • Executing definitive agreements & Closure of the transaction